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Concrete Refinishing in Dade

Based in Dade, GOMEZ & SON FENCE CORP. provides impeccable concrete repair after fencing installation.

Call for quality fence installation customized to meet your needs!

Concreting Repair

Concrete repair after fencing installation is an important finishing touch and professional service we provide all customers. Not only will it secure and strengthen the fencing, but also enhance the look of the barrier, be it aluminum or custom fence installation.

GOMEZ & SON FENCE CORP. is a team of experienced and highly trained professionals that can handle various types of projects for both residential and commercial applications. Call for more details about our concrete repair after fencing installation!

A necessary service to strengthen and enhance the look of your fencing


Concrete Refinishing Dade

An Experienced and Professional Team

GOMEZ & SON FENCE CORP. has an experienced and professional team handling your fencing projects. We are an established company that offers cost-effective solutions to meet the various fencing needs of our clients.

Our team is available to handle the project from start to finish, ensuring you have a safe and beautiful fence at the end of the day. Count on our professionals for quick and efficient fencing installation!

A highly experienced team handling your fencing project


Concrete Refinishing Dade


Over 3 decades of experience
Cost-effective fencing solutions
On time project completion

Let the experts handle your concrete refinishing project!